Keif! The Good Feeling of Kefir Culture…


Kefir derives from the Turkish word Keif, meaning ” good feeling”. Kefir culture has dated back many centuries. It is a cauliflower floret looking cultured, enzyme-rich fod with micro-organisms which balance the bodies inner ecosystem.

I was introduced to Kefir by my boyfriend a while back and have been experimenting with it ever since. I am so excited to be sharing this with you as I believe it has amazing benefits for the body.

This fermented milk is a natural anti-biotic and contains anti-fungal properties. It has an abundance of Tryptphone which is an essential amino acid. It is has complete protein in it and many essential minerals for a healthy working body. Among its many properties is Calcium, Magnesium, B12, B1, vitamin K and Phosphorus.

There is also great news for those who are Lactose intolerant. The Kefir culture consumes the lactose ( milk sugar) in the milk allowing those who are lactose intolerant to reap the benefits as well.

So, how can one look after their own Kefir? You can place your Kefir Culture balls into a glass Jar filled with either coconut milk, cows milk or goats milk and cover with a cloth and elastic band. It will take 12-48 hours to develop and its ready for delicious consumption ( Take a look at the recipes section to view tasty recipes with Kefir).

Be careful not to use a metal spoon to remove the kefir as this will harm the culture. Once your first batch is ready you can  remove the culture balls and place in fresh and preferably organic full cream milk.

It is important to note that one should not rinse Kefir in water as this will harm the culture as well, rather rinse in milk.

You will know when the Kefir is ready when the milk goes thick and creamy. Sometimes when left longer to ferment the whey will separate leaving behind the whey and “cheese”.

There are many forms of Kefir. I have only experimented with milk Kefir so far in this article, however, there are other types such as water Kefir as well to look into in the future.

For now find your Kefir culture online or ask your nearest health store and go try out the yummy recipes  that I’ve posted!

You’ll never know if you never try…


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