In Love with Strala Yoga

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In Love With Strala Yoga

I fell in love with Strala Yoga two years ago. At the time, I was looking for something that would not only nourish the body but also the mind. Strala Yoga seemed like the perfect fit.

I had discovered the “Yoga Rebel”, Tara Stiles, on you tube. She is the  founder of  Strala Yoga and an inspiration to many. When I saw her video “Morning Yoga for Flexibilty” I was instantly hooked and started looking for more.

I found all kinds of Strala yoga solutions. Her site welcomes everyone from beginners to the more advanced. There are a wide range of solutions to suit all needs. She provides morning and evening yoga solutions, stretching and flexibilty, breathing and strengthening, and many more.

I have found through doing a little bit every day my breathing has become more deeper and balanced. I find that the stretching helps with my flexibility and is a great stress buster.

One can do yoga anywhere, anytime. That is the beauty of it! From sunrise to sunset, Sun Salutations are perfect for taking time out to give thanks and appreciate just simply “being”.

The perfect amount of time spent would be an hour of meditation with an hour of yoga to gain maximum benefits. However, this is not to say that a few minutes everyday won’t help. The best way to sticking to a yoga routine is to be able  to practice it at any time of the day when you have free time. That way you are more flexible and don’t find so many excuses because at some stage we need to rest and yoga is perfect way to reset the mind and unwind.

Below are links to Tara Stiles Strala Yoga. I really recommend that you give it a try and let me know your thoughts!



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