Purifying Your Hangover The Yogi Way

hangovercurePurifying Your Hangover The Yogi Way

Your head is banging, your eyes are heavy, bones are shaky.We all know the sufferings of a hangover but let’s not allow it to spoil our day.

My advice is,  if possible sleep in for a bit. Catch up on some sleep but not all day, we don’t want to ruin our sleeping pattern. Then have a big glass of lemon and mint water or even a veggie juice, if you have a juicer, and then head off to the cupboard put on some comfy yoga clothes and do a few stretches and yoga poses.

Now, Patanjali‘s path to enlightenment may not take into account drinking all night, but we can learn from his belief in practising yoga to help release “ama’ ( excess toxins) accumulated in the body.

Light and moderate exercise is great for speeding up recovery. With yoga we can help release unwanted toxins in our body which in turn helps recovery.

There are various poses which help the abdomen, head, neck and circulation in yoga that you can use to combine a hangover buster routine and awaken the mind again.

The Cat Pose, Eagle Arm Pose, Yoga Mudra Arms and Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing) all help in relieving head symptoms which you may experience. While the Pavanamuktasana (wind release pose) , Navasana (boat pose) and Spinal twists help calm the digestive system and release “ama” from the abdominal organs.

Forward bends are also found to be soothing and calming on the body. Some examples of Forward bends are the Uttanasana (standing forward bend), Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend), Balasana (Childs pose) and Jana Sirsasana (head to knee pose).

I have inserted a link from Tara Stiles Yoga for a hangover. It is a great video that is easy to follow and I hope it will help freshen up your day!

Comments are welcome and I appreciate you letting me know what you think and if it worked for you 🙂


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