A Little Inspiration From My Friend Bruce Abrahamse



A Be-you-tiful You

You are exactly where you are meant to be, for now. Don’t be sad. You aren’t missing out. If anything, you were saved from another mistake. Have faith that the Universe is looking out for your best interest, even if it doesn’t conform to your current plans, be open to the possibility that there is a better plan being prepared for you. But the only way that plan can unfold is if you believe. You have to embrace, and at the same time you have to let go. The best you can do is keep your intent intact. Keep your heart open and your mind clear. We are all experiencing the same lessons, so don’t feel alone. We are always here, united in our solitude, connected through our joy…. and our pain. Don’t let go of who you are. There are those that will adore you for the amazing unique soul you are. Those that cannot see it, are truly missing out, but you CANNOT change yourself to suit those who don’t know themselves yet. Just BE. Be Love. Be YOU. Because no one else can. Ever. And YOU are needed. And Loved, by those that matter. ♥


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