A Letter To the Universe

dearearthDear Universe

I would like to thank you,
Thank you for all…

The joy, the pain;
the light, the rain.
The ups, the downs;
the smiles, the frowns.

The give, the take;
the bliss, the ache.
The ripe, the rotten;
the cherished, the forgotten.

The heads, the tails;
the triumphs, the fails.
The praises, the doubts;
the ins, the outs.

The new, the old;
the hot, the cold.
The abundance, the lack;
the kiss, the smack.

The friends, the foes;
high fives, low blows.
The fortune, the ruts;
the protection, the cuts.

The hills, the valleys;
right turns, dark allies.
The waves, the tides;
the roller coaster rides.

Thank you GRATITUDE, you’ve set me free;
from disempowered thoughts of adversity;
even when life throws curve balls at me,
the Universe unfolds perfectly.

― Neil Sargisian



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