Learning To Forgive By Tom Walsh


 It is time to let go and grow. I, like many of you, have struggled for years to learn how to forgive. I now see how it has slowly started to eat away at my soul and steal my light. Holding on to anger will never bring peace, let us rather choose the path of forgiveness and enlightenment.

I hope you find the below read on forgiveness by Tom Walsh inspiring and that it may help you to see forgiveness in a more understanding light.


“I come from a background in which anger and resentment were rather normal. It wasn’t that the people in my life liked being angry and resentful–they just hadn’t learned how to deal with their feelings in other ways. Because of this background, though, it took me many years during my young adulthood to unlearn this pattern, to realize that such thoughts were not only negative, but also harmful.

One of the most important accomplishments in my life has been to learn how to forgive. I don’t always do so quickly enough to save myself a few miserable days, but I have learned to view people’s actions in a much more objective light, taking them much less personally. Usually I see behavior that affects me negatively as a reflection of bad things that are going on in other people’s lives, and this helps me to forgive much more easily. Did that guy cut me off in traffic? Maybe he’s in a hurry because someone’s sick. Did that person talk about me behind my back? Well, maybe she’s feeling insecure about herself, and she has to knock someone down to make herself feel better. Her words don’t change who I am.

Being able to see things this way has almost no effect at all on the other people involved in any situation, but it does have a strong effect on me: I’m able to feel more peaceful, more relaxed, and more able to help others. I feel that things are okay apart from this one small aspect of my life, and my forgiveness helps me to realize the relative insignificance of this aspect. I’m not here on this planet to control other people and have them ask for forgiveness when I feel they should do so–the only person’s actions and thoughts over which I have any sort of control are my own, and I can forgive if I choose to do so, knowing that doing so helps me.

There’s a common misconception that forgiving someone implies that the action that’s being forgiven was okay, but I always keep in mind that I’m forgiving the person, not the action. Hurting other people is always wrong, but we all make mistakes and hurt others. I’m very thankful that some people in life have forgiven me for some of my actions, so why shouldn’t i show the same courtesy to others? Forgiving doesn’t make wrong right or take away responsibility– forgiveness just says it’s not up to me to judge, and I’m not going to hold a grudge against you just because you made a mistake.”

Tom Walsh


One thought on “Learning To Forgive By Tom Walsh

  1. In everything we can come to the principles of whether you would like to be treated in the way we treat others? We err all the time against each other and ourselves, we need to forgive and we need to be forgiven equally. Learning to forgive starts to make you more conscious of your own actions and the inputs of your actions, words or energy imposed onto another.

    To forgive shows us humility and in forgiving another’s bad actions, you can start to heal yourself of the pain imposed.

    I too learnt how to fight my way through pain as a young adult and was a very angry and aggressive person for this, in suffering the worst pain in my life when our lovely Brad passed away showed me new paths that I previously ignored because I was in so much pain I could not have any anger or loud or aggressive words. Learning to silence yourself, before the Universe teaches you that, is best to try follow because in silence we learn truth and in truth we can learn how to forgive..

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