Sculpt Your Perfect Butt the Yogi Way

beach bum ready

With summer just around the corner its time to tone up that bottom line and slim down those thighs in a hurry.
Do not stress though, I have the answer for you: Yoga.

Not only will these exercises help you get that dream brazilian butt lift, they’ll ensure all those lumps and bumps get smoothed out too.

The following yoga poses are designed to firm your bum by building the gluteus maximus muscle as well as the gluteus medius and minimus beneath the gluteus maximus.

It also aids in stimulating lymph circulation through fatty areas in the body which helps flush out toxins and in turn helps reduce cellulite.

Another great perk to this routine is that you don’t have to put aside an entire hour to do it all you need is a few simple
minutes so no excuses, let’s get to it!

1.  Pada Hastasana- Hands to feet pose


2.  Utkatasana- Awkward pose


3.  Dandayamana Dhanurasana- Standing bow pulling pose


4.  Dandayamana Janushirasana- Standing head to knee pose


5.  Trikanasana- Triangle pose


6.  Salabhasana- Locust pose


To ensure you get maximum benefit out of these poses i would recommend that you repeat twice everyday and try hold poses for at least 1-3 minutes depending on your fitness level!


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