Return to stillness

return to stillnessThere is a saying that goes “In stillness the world is restored”.

Just like in our sleep when we reach ultimate stillness, in deep sleep, our body starts its restoration process. In illness, rest and stillness is required. For a baby to grow it requires just as much stillness as activity. There are so many examples of how important it is to be still at certain times of our lives especially in times of conflict.

So often we get caught up in a moment of conflict that we forget our actions have consequences. We raise our voices too high, too quick in anger. We spit out words of poison at each other which does nothing other than bring about hurt.

The vicious cycle of breaking down everything only to find that you have to build it up from scratch all over again needs to end by learning to replace our angered breath with silence. Stillness.

Just so one is able to re-align and balance their breathing as well as their minds.  It helps us take a moment to find peace in thought and a clearer understanding of the situation you are in.

We are all guilty of acting out before thinking only to realise the consequences that now lie ahead as you gear up for battle are never really pretty. So let us all really take the time to think, and change, and break this cycle.

Let us practice the ability to meditate in all environments so that we can clear our minds and open up our consciousness. Let us find our breath before we breathe out in the wrong way.









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