To Rue Your Day!


So to Rue your day stems from an Ancient Roman belief that May was an unlucky month because it’s the month of the “Feast of the Dead”. But the Ancient Romans used Rue in their food, it’s strong, bitter flavour adding new dimensions to the food the Romans experimented with in their lush and lavish feasts. Rue is best eaten: – raw, – chopped finely it adds a lovely full completeness especially when used with mint.

The star-like shape of the bright yellow flowers speak very emphatically of a connection with the light even the leaves face up. Only the central flower has five petals, while the others surrounding it have only four. May that be a representation of the Divine and our need to connect and surrender to it – the central flower – and we as the surrounding flowers?

Rue is thought to have strong grounding qualities with its stalk growing straight up and its roots firmly pointed downward, it has a flexible stalk that is ready to sway with the winds. Should you find its main branch broken you would be surprised to see that it comprises many layers and is very hard to manipulate by hand even though it softens as you go more into the core of the stem.

In Brazil Rue is often used to cure disharmony of spirits, forces cohesive thought. It is thought to bring clarity to the spirits.

Medically Rue has been used to cure nervousness, headaches, insomnia, psoriasis, rheumatic pains when mixed with other herbs.

I have been watching my Rue plant for its 4th week now and I have seen how beautifully she seems to have harmonised with her new soil grounds and flowering neighbours, I cannot wait to see her flowers.

She has also healed a tension for me already – recipe is very simple: – break off three leaves, – bless them, and chew them – ……feel the still that comes a few minutes later.

Please try filling your gardens and pots with herbs that have both nutritional and medicinal value, you will be surprised by the pleasures it brings you to use the herbs and medicines the Earth has laid out for us so generously to both grow and heal with it together.

Written By Lee Grobbelaar


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