Bringing Color back into your life :)


Bringing Color Back Into Your Life

I take a deep breath of fresh air,
As I lie on my back underneath the chiffon curtain,
I feel it playfully caress my cheeks as the wind blows and the curtain dances to its rhythm.
I open up my eyes to look up and watch it dance. Just as I imagined it.
It danced with all its vibrant colors moving freely with the wind.

It reminded me of life. Raw life.

Sometimes it gets us down and drains the color from our eyes. We sometimes are clouded in our minds ,
So much that it clouds our vision.

The more we try to control the less color we naturally bring into our life. Because perhaps we fear being truly free.

When we are free life is full of color. Your eyes seem to capture true beauty which we often don’t see while
living in fear.

Life is full mystery. Embrace it, let it paint your soul in many different colors and shades.

Close your eyes now. And re-open them.

Now try to open up your chest with your breath to allow life to flow freely;
Take a deep breath in, expand your lungs.
Take in all the energy life has to offer.

Breath out.

Let go of all the old stuffy air that gets you down.

Feeling lighter?

Now, look up at the sky;
see all the different hues of the horizon.
The sheer brightness of the sun.

How amazing!
How the sun transforms the black vastness of the universe
into an inviting color scheme of blues, purples, pinks, yellows and oranges!

Let us try to truly awaken our spirit by bringing color to any situation in our life and remember:
Next time it pours with rain try to look at all the colors that the rain brings out on
the things that it has touched and the rainbow that brings abundance of hope in every color it transforms the sky to.



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