Cellfood: Better Your Biological Terrain


Cellfood: better your biological terrain

Early last year I had come across Cellfood by NuScience and ever since have seen life changing benefits.

To give you a little background; I moved from the coast to the big concrete jungle and immediately I saw my body stressed out and drained. My body started to suffer and it affected my very loved active lifestyle. I was stressed and tired all the time, my skin was dull and craved hydration, my hair was breaking at a rapid rate and my nails were so weak they just peeled and broke all the time. Now, for someone who is all about health this was very distressing. I had to find a solution.

While at a late lunch, a friend had recommended that I try Cellfood. I had never heard of it before and was a little sceptical but once I read up about it I decided to give it a try. This was the best advise I had received and the best decision ever made for my body.

Cellfood has given me more energy, my brain is alert and active, my nails and hair are actually growing instead of breaking. For the first time in a long time, I am able to grow beautiful long nails and my hair is showing much improvement.

The bottom line: I love Cellfood and truly believe it has great benefits to offer any one who is under a lot of stress and may not get the correct minerals in their diet.

I take Cellfood along with Chlorella and am seeing amazing benefits. I will talk about Chlorella in another article as it is also an amazing natural supplement.

NuScience was founded in 1969 as an independent research and development facility of oxygen based health and beauty products and has gained great global reputation. There have been many studies done on Cellfood and its effects on the body.

Cellfood by NuScience acts as a terrain balancer, oxygenator and hydrogen ion donor. Cellfood helps balance the effect of re-mineralization on the hormonal, enzymatic, digestive, structural and eliminative systems of the overall physiology of the body.

Michel Coyle Director of Research and Education NuLife Sciences 9/2002 wrote an article named Clinical Observations on the Nutritional Efficacy of CELLFOOD Utilizing Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis Microscopic Evaluation Procedures, in this article he writes on the therapeutic effects of Cellfood stating the following regarding its benefits:

  • “Cellfood provides a steady flow of both oxygen and hydrogen— by splitting water molecules— to all parts of the body, producing simultaneous oxidation and reduction.”
  • “It enables the blood stream to deliver a minimum of 78 assimilable trace minerals and elements directly to each cell for complete and direct nutrition.”
  • “It aids in the digestive process. It contains enzymes and also is catalytic to the activation of the digestive enzymes.”
  • “It assists in the cleansing of upper and lower intestines, and in restoring normal bowel functions. This effect will be noticed within 24 hours by those who need it.”

Basically, without the correct amounts of minerals the body cannot function properly and this is usually the case for the modern westernized man. Our poor quality of food and GMO food I believe plays a large role in most diseases along with high stress levels and little rest for the body to rejuvenate and let us not forget our very dirty air that is almost poisonous to breathe in. All these factors play a large role in deterioration of the cells in our body. No one is going to fix these factors anytime soon so it is up to us to try reverse these effects, protect our body and I believe that Cellfood is a great start in doing so!

I hope this has inspired you to go out and give it a try and please let me know your thoughts.

Love life and your body, always!


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