The Art of Living In the Present Moment

the art of being present -m blog

There is something so beautiful about truly feeling the present moment one is in.

To embrace all those various elements as they pass by through our daily lives can leave one feeling as if life is truly majestic.

We often get so caught up in our heads that we do not allow our minds to simply be and enjoy the very life that is present in us all. We need to stop fearing the negative. Think of how yin and yang work together in harmony creating balance and flow.

I myself can, too, get caught up in every day stresses and fears but as I sit here outside on my porch under the early morning sun, I am reminded of how precious life is and how important it is to embrace the very present we are in. I find myself sitting here so inlove with the morning sun warming my skin from the winter chill. I see the sun lighting up the mist on the hills and this, I find inspiring. I am reminded of how breath-taking life can be and not to let these simple but precious moments of feeling this present life slip by into thoughts that bring no joy and steal this present moment trying to think of a future that neither I nor anyone else actually have control over.

Though, if one is truly in the present then perhaps it could lead us to a very fruitful, fulfilling life that is true to one’s nature and this itself should bring peace about the future, enough not to worry.

You see when you are in the present you are aware of all surrounding elements and this awareness, if embraced positively, will allow one to respond to all circumstances in the best possible way without worry for your head is now clear and focussed on each moment as it comes.

Try it now, feel your breathing. Is it fast or maybe slow? What are your surroundings? What inspires you about your present environment? Is it the warmth? Or simply the music around you. Is there a hustle-and-bustle that you are in the middle of? Maybe it is the silence that is so peaceful and still. Whatever it is simply practise embracing it all. Each and every element of the present moment.

Om shanti shanti om


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