Never Lose Sight of Who You Are

buddhaNever Lose Sight of Who You Are

2016, what an interesting time for human civilisation. Nowadays we celebrate uniqueness, we embrace the hippies, the hipsters, the nerds, and even the narcissist. I love the freedom but with it one can still feel a little over-whelmed. There is almost too much variety which can leave one a little baffled by their own uniqueness and where or how they fit in.

If you are like me and you feel just so utterly confused at times as to who you are and how you are unique in this vast world well at least you’re not alone and you’re not weird. Maybe just a little bit, but that’s normal now right? Because at the end of the day we are all somewhat strange. We are such complex beings and feeling a bit lost is normal. Perfectly normal. Doesn’t matter the age.

You see we live such fast-paced lifestyles with competition around every corner and to feel like you are in control all the time is very hard and this may be why we tend to lose sight of our true selves. We allow for others to push us around, tell us how we have to always be better, up our game, stand out from the rest and this can lead one astray

It can make us do things that are out of character and make us pretend to be what we are not and the best advice I can give to simply feel the ground again.

Go for that walk on the beach or in the park. Feel nature, not man-made material. Feel fresh air, not Air-con.  Feel your body and fall in love with it. Take time to simply be each day and appreciate. Be humble and less hasty. These simple tricks to slowing down will allow your brain to re-connect and your soul to explore life’s simple things again. I find that always brings me back home to myself and that which is true to me.

I hope this may help you too stay grounded when in need but I do encourage one to try make it a habitual daily practice. Even if for only a few minutes.

May your light shine pure radiance and your soul fall in love with life again.



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