Reasons To Love Your A.M Exercise

FotorCreatedExercise is a vital part of one’s life and if it is not then I am sorry to say but you need to re-look at how you expect your body to function at its optimal level when all you are doing is helping it deteriorate. I want us all to create a better relationship with our bodies.

Exercising is not just about looking good or feelin
g good but it is about keeping your body healthy. Keeping it supple and keeping that muscle mass to protect bones and aging. If we do not take care of our bodies then who will? We need to understand our bodies and take the utmost care of this vessel that keeps you alive and capable of doing amazing things.

So to start, I thought I would leave you with a few reasons to consider doing exercise in the morning and how it can help you put your best foot forward.

  1. Become A Better Morning person – happier and will help you wake up

When you do your morning exercise, endorphins are released which as we know leaves us feeling really good. For those who struggle getting up in the morning, if you stick to s regular morning exercise routine and stick to those times then your body will become accustomed to this lifestyle and will naturally start preparing for you to wake up at those times making it easier to get up……

  1. Put Those Hormones To Better Use

Our crucial hormones are elevated first thing in the morning and as the day goes on these hormone levels start to decline. So, it makes sense to use those important hormones such as Testosterone early in the morning when it is at its peak level meaning your get a far more effective workout.

  1. Gym Bunnies Don’t Have To Share

Going to gym at peak hours after work is not always that fun. For those that take their exercise routine very seriously then this can cause some serious interference when you can’t use a certain dumbbell or machine because there is a queue and you don’t have all day let’s be honest. So it makes sense to do this in the morning when it is quiet enough for you to do what you need to do without interference.

  1. Allow Time For Other Priorities

Because you did your exercise nice ‘n early and have the whole afternoon to do whatever else you need to do. Morning exercise will give you at least an hour or two extra in the afternoon to do whatever else is needed.

  1. Better Functioning at Work or School

Exercising helps us with becoming more alert and focused. Overall better functioning meaning that by the time you get to work you are alert and ready to kick ass at your job or at school.

  1. Less Likely To Skip

We all know that come 4pm your energy levels start to take a dip. If you have had a demanding day the chances are that you are more likely to skip that gym session and go straight for dinner on the couch but when you go first thing in the morning your energy levels and functioning is at its best and it should become a morning ritual meaning that you are less likely to skip gym in the mornings.

  1. Increase Your Metabolic Functioning

It is known that exercise in the morning will help boost your metabolic functioning. If you do weight training/ resistance training this will cause your metabolic rate to improve throughout the course of the day.


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