Explore Yourself with Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for may years now and yet every time I step onto my mat I explore new horizons of the soul. The thing about yoga is that it is not just made up of breath, flow and mastering poses but of self awareness. Awareness of the body and of the mind. I started yoga rather naive as to what I was getting myself into but the more I practiced the more I discovered. I do not know of anybody who has connected with yoga and not become more self aware of their thoughts and actions.

At the very start of practicing yoga I started to break down the ego in order to open up the heart so as to “feel” the asanas more deeply, this is still an ongoing practice as I have picked up bad habits but the point is that it continues to still teach me about myself and how to become a better human. It leaves me with a fresh view on life every time.

Our world is constantly surrounding us with images, commercials, adverts and all sorts that leave us feeling as though that is what we must aspire to be but the truth is we should aspire to be our selves, our true authentic selves and nothing less. This is why I love practicing yoga and continue on this journey of self discovery because with yoga, you cannot practice without the soul being fully present.

I look forward to starting this yoga journal and hope it leaves each one you inspired.

With love, always.



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