Wild Woman Pick Up That Heart

and then she decided

My heart pours.

Oh life, oh restlessness.

To love is brave ;

For oh! How it can break.

We give,

We take.

We smile,

And yes, we cry too.

I smile in wonder of such a love,

I crumble thinking of having a new road to take.

Oh dear heart;

How do we stop this over-flowing?

How do I put the bottle cap on and shut you off?

Even if just for a little bit.

Let me feel that sun again,

Let me touch his skin,

Kiss his neck.

Be brave, be brave.

All is where it is meant to be.

Keep your chin up high,

Wipe those tears from the eyes.

Let’s go, go back in,

Into where the soul prevails.

Where the firs burns.

Let it burn, burn, burn.

Never let that fire die.

Be still child, have faith.


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