Spring: It’s Time For a Re-Fresh

kuoDjIt’s that time of the year again, the time of blossoming.

After a long and chilly winter, and let’s be honest a rather intense year so far, we have finally made it to spring!

This time round a decided to make a big change and what I like to call a re-fresh. The re-fresh being a job change, I moved out of a job that no longer fulfilled me and found a fresh new start at an exciting company.

The result; complete and utter excitement, I have found a new spring in my step. There are a few butterflies flying around my belly but I see them all around me to and it reminds me that it’s spring. I time for the flowers to come out inside us as well.

So here are a few inspirational ideas for you to start Spring with the same excitement and freshness but without being as drastic.

  1. Start that hobby you always wanted to try out but never did and actually do it – life is too short to keep putting aside doing the things you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t have to be anything big either and can be as simple as starting a herb garden or that morning jog every day, what ever it is “Just Do It” as Nike says : )
  2. Change up your living area. Do that typical spring clean – add a fresh new color scheme by adding some new scatter cushions or bedding. If you are not in the place to be spending money then one can re-arrange rooms, giving them a new Zen.
  3. Now that the sun and flowers are out, find a canola field nearby or take a walk in the forest even up the mountain – we have been cooped up in our houses trying to keep our bones from chattering all winter and now that’s it’s spring there’s nothing better for the body and mind than a long walk in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.
  4. Give up something that is no longer good for you – there is no better way to feel anew than by giving up things that weigh us down or hurt our health, be it mental or physical. Perhaps it’s smoking, or eating badly. It could even be that your life style needs a little change to better your quality of life. What ever it may be, I promise you’ll feel great once you shake off the bad.
  5. Start drinking at more water – I am pretty sure you have all heard it before; ” you’re not drinking enough water” and it’s really important. I don’t mean to sound like mom now but if you want flowing skin and a healthy functioning body then you need more of that H2O.
  6. Find some great music and go dancing – why not start your spring with a celebratory dance; cheers to the sun, the trees, the ocean and life!

I hope you found this article inspirational and namaste my friends, love always.


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