May Your Dreams Come True


We are all together in this sea of life, all scrambling for air trying to make sense of the direction we are heading in. The moment we think we know where we are going, we look around to see how close we are, only to realize we are still out at sea.

Such a strange thing we call life. It can make you high on love and leave you out in the cold with the same breath of wind. Shall we just say there is never a dull moment, this life keeps us on our toes so, I applaud you if you are following your dreams. Never losing site of the shore.

I personally sometimes lose sight of my own dreams. Sometimes life just gets so busy and somewhat tiring at times that finding the energy to squeeze in time to do what you love can be hard.

Though maybe we just complicate things. We love doing that, its human nature.

So on this topic of complicating things and how it can really shift your focus on things you are meant to be doing, maybe we should just keep things a little more simple. Let’s take a look at all the successful and mesmerizing icons there are. Most of them did exactly what their passion drove them to do. Jimmy Hendricks could never have played so enchantingly and intense on his guitar if he did not love what he was doing. He followed his dreams no matter how often the wind tried to blow him in the opposite direction.

So I guess the moral of this story is that being out at sea doesn’t have to be so scary if you got your passion by your side. It will guide you to where you need to be. Just keep on doing what you love and all will eventually come to fruit.

When life feels like it is getting a little too much and pulling you into various directions, have no fear. Simply take a moment to breathe, catch some fresh air and keep on swimming towards your dreams.

Don’t let others force you down paths that are not yours. Always remember to ground yourself to what is your true purpose in this precious life we live.

One love.



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