The Perfect Snack: Zucchini Fries with Garlic Aioli!

The Perfect Snack: Zucchini Fries with Garlic Aioli!

How to make the perfect Zucchini Fries with a side of Garlic Aioli


Start with your preparation of sauce and add Zucchini fries to oven with after 25 minutes of the garlic cloves baking (i.e. the last 20 minutes remaining)


For the Zucchini Fries:


1 cup plain bread crumbs

1/4 cup grated Parmesan or pecorino

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper

1/8 teaspoon dried oregano

1/8 teaspoon salt

Dash of pepper

2 large eggs, beaten

4 – 5 Zucchinis



Preheat oven to 220˙C.

Then begin to line your baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large flat dish/ bowl, mix together your bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, oregano, finely chopped mint, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

Take a medium sized bowl and beat two eggs till mixed.

Cut the zucchini into batons in your desired shape and size, I personally prefer keeping them long but still a bit chunky like your traditional shaped fries.

One by one, dip your zucchini fries in the beaten eggs.

Transfer to the plate with bread crumb mixture, being sure to coat the zucchini thoroughly.

Once you have done the above place the zucchini fries as you go along on the baking sheet.

Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Set a timer to flip fries every ten minutes for even baking.

Remove from oven and serve on platter alongside the Garlic Aioli.


For the Roasted Garlic Aioli:


1 whole head garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

3/4 cup mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper

1 sprig of chives, diced



Preheat oven to 200 F.

In a small bowl, pour olive oil over peeled whole cloves. Add a dash of salt and pepper to the cloves.

Wrap it in foil and bake for 45 minutes.

Allow for it to cool.

Take the garlic out of its shell and add to a food processor,

You can now add the mayonnaise to the mixture. If needed, a dash more of salt and pepper.

Use the pulse option until the mixture is smooth in texture.

Transfer the Garlic Aioli to your serving bowl and stir in freshly chopped chives.


May Your Dreams Come True


We are all together in this sea of life, all scrambling for air trying to make sense of the direction we are heading in. The moment we think we know where we are going, we look around to see how close we are, only to realize we are still out at sea.

Such a strange thing we call life. It can make you high on love and leave you out in the cold with the same breath of wind. Shall we just say there is never a dull moment, this life keeps us on our toes so, I applaud you if you are following your dreams. Never losing site of the shore.

I personally sometimes lose sight of my own dreams. Sometimes life just gets so busy and somewhat tiring at times that finding the energy to squeeze in time to do what you love can be hard.

Though maybe we just complicate things. We love doing that, its human nature.

So on this topic of complicating things and how it can really shift your focus on things you are meant to be doing, maybe we should just keep things a little more simple. Let’s take a look at all the successful and mesmerizing icons there are. Most of them did exactly what their passion drove them to do. Jimmy Hendricks could never have played so enchantingly and intense on his guitar if he did not love what he was doing. He followed his dreams no matter how often the wind tried to blow him in the opposite direction.

So I guess the moral of this story is that being out at sea doesn’t have to be so scary if you got your passion by your side. It will guide you to where you need to be. Just keep on doing what you love and all will eventually come to fruit.

When life feels like it is getting a little too much and pulling you into various directions, have no fear. Simply take a moment to breathe, catch some fresh air and keep on swimming towards your dreams.

Don’t let others force you down paths that are not yours. Always remember to ground yourself to what is your true purpose in this precious life we live.

One love.


The Secret Ingredients for Glowing Skin


We all want healthy skin. No debate here, but, the journey to beautiful skin goes far deeper than just getting that golden tan. Real glowing skin comes from deep beneath the skin tissue. To achieve real glowing skin means turning your skin care routine into a 24 hour practice. Not only should we put on that sunscreen, exfoliate regularly, and hydrate but we also need to take into consideration the type of food we are eating. This is the true secret to healthy looking skin.

So, I present to you a list of ingredients to add to your shopping list if you’re looking to shed that old tired looking skin and reveal a brand new glowing you!

  1. Ravishing Red

Eating more red fruits and vegetables helps one fight those harmful UV rays and free radicals thanks to its super ingredient; Lycopene.

A few ingredients you can add to your shopping list now are tomatoes. This is a versatile fruit that you eat at supper, dinner or breakfast. You can even start getting your daily dose of pink grape fruit which will not only give you glowing skin but it will also start tackling any unwanted cellulite. If you are not into the sour taste of grapefruit then you can rather opt for a sweet juicy watermelon which is great for a summer breakfast or even a healthy desert.

  1. Simple Whites and Greys

Not only are whites and greys essential for any wardrobe but should also be stocked in your fridge. For healthy skin one needs to keep their immune system functioning properly and foods such as cauliflower, onions, mushrooms and garlic help the immune system fight infections, keeping the immune system strong.

  1. Violet Varieties

Eating foods which contain the pigment purple in them can help your skin for many various reasons. One being the obvious, they are rich in antioxidants. Another important ingredient found in these foods is a variety of polyphenols which act as anti-inflammatory. Purple foods contain a very important molecule known as resveratrol. Resveratrol as anti-aging properties promoting healthy aging.

Foods with purples hues are beetroot, blueberries, olives, figs, cabbage and plums.

  1. When life gives you Lemons…

Make lemon juice! Toxins and healthy skin do not go together unless you are adding a lemon or two to flush those toxins out. I would recommend doing this as a daily morning ritual before you reach that coffee. Not only will it leave you feeling refreshed but looking fresh too.

  1. The Lean Green Juicing machine

Green vegetables contain the magical anti-aging ingredient; Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which has a high concentration of antioxidants. Green foods also contain anti-inflammatories properties which can assist in decreasing under eye circles and red blotchiness. Let me also mention the vitamin K content which is essential in aiding the process of blood clotting. It has great skin healing properties helping some skin conditions and also bruises, stretch marks and spider veins.

I would recommend stocking up on spinach, kale, cucumber and lemon juices or simply adding a side of freshly steamed garlic and spinach to your dinner.


Spring: It’s Time For a Re-Fresh

kuoDjIt’s that time of the year again, the time of blossoming.

After a long and chilly winter, and let’s be honest a rather intense year so far, we have finally made it to spring!

This time round a decided to make a big change and what I like to call a re-fresh. The re-fresh being a job change, I moved out of a job that no longer fulfilled me and found a fresh new start at an exciting company.

The result; complete and utter excitement, I have found a new spring in my step. There are a few butterflies flying around my belly but I see them all around me to and it reminds me that it’s spring. I time for the flowers to come out inside us as well.

So here are a few inspirational ideas for you to start Spring with the same excitement and freshness but without being as drastic.

  1. Start that hobby you always wanted to try out but never did and actually do it – life is too short to keep putting aside doing the things you have always wanted to do. It doesn’t have to be anything big either and can be as simple as starting a herb garden or that morning jog every day, what ever it is “Just Do It” as Nike says : )
  2. Change up your living area. Do that typical spring clean – add a fresh new color scheme by adding some new scatter cushions or bedding. If you are not in the place to be spending money then one can re-arrange rooms, giving them a new Zen.
  3. Now that the sun and flowers are out, find a canola field nearby or take a walk in the forest even up the mountain – we have been cooped up in our houses trying to keep our bones from chattering all winter and now that’s it’s spring there’s nothing better for the body and mind than a long walk in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.
  4. Give up something that is no longer good for you – there is no better way to feel anew than by giving up things that weigh us down or hurt our health, be it mental or physical. Perhaps it’s smoking, or eating badly. It could even be that your life style needs a little change to better your quality of life. What ever it may be, I promise you’ll feel great once you shake off the bad.
  5. Start drinking at more water – I am pretty sure you have all heard it before; ” you’re not drinking enough water” and it’s really important. I don’t mean to sound like mom now but if you want flowing skin and a healthy functioning body then you need more of that H2O.
  6. Find some great music and go dancing – why not start your spring with a celebratory dance; cheers to the sun, the trees, the ocean and life!

I hope you found this article inspirational and namaste my friends, love always.

Wild Woman Pick Up That Heart

and then she decided

My heart pours.

Oh life, oh restlessness.

To love is brave ;

For oh! How it can break.

We give,

We take.

We smile,

And yes, we cry too.

I smile in wonder of such a love,

I crumble thinking of having a new road to take.

Oh dear heart;

How do we stop this over-flowing?

How do I put the bottle cap on and shut you off?

Even if just for a little bit.

Let me feel that sun again,

Let me touch his skin,

Kiss his neck.

Be brave, be brave.

All is where it is meant to be.

Keep your chin up high,

Wipe those tears from the eyes.

Let’s go, go back in,

Into where the soul prevails.

Where the firs burns.

Let it burn, burn, burn.

Never let that fire die.

Be still child, have faith.

That Tingling Sensation

11-Adorable-Animals-Doing-Yoga-Poses“Opening up to feel again, to fall in love with the world with fresh eyes” – I love this feeling, what a tingling sensation of bliss.

Now, I know we should love every minute of our life. Always “be” in the present moment but this for me, and most probably many of you, is not always the case.

When this happens, I like to de-clutter all that is around me and then de-clutter my mind. I start by putting on some really good “soul” music and then role out my mat to begin working out what no longer serves me and replace it with pure, simple love.

Once I reach that place of peace, the lotus pose then takes hold.
It is at this moment my eyes rest shut, meditating. I give thanks and re-open my eyes.

Again, what a tingling sensation of bliss. This life is a blessing and we are here to learn all aspects of this precious life.

I know at times things can get tough nut it shall eventually pass because life is forever changing and evolving so we should learn to master this better too. As is commonly said in yoga; “I bend so that I don’t’ break”.

Now remember when that tingling feeling stops, take a quick time-out and do what works best for you to embrace life again but do not carry on trudging through with a bad outlook. Simply stop, regather, give thanks and move through with a positive outlook instead. You will find far better answers this way, I promise.

Always love, Namaste.

Artful Movement

artful movement

Oh, the beauty of moving from one asana to the next. How lovely the contrast of soft flowing movement held by inner strength.

I feel my soul dance to a rhythm of breathing and balancing.

There is a kind of magic discovered each time.

It is a forever evolving art of going into oneself and coming out a better version of self. We are artists of our own spirit creating a masterpiece of love and expression within.

Yoga is artful movement.