Introduction To My Vida Pura


Vida Pura is Spanish for Pure Living.

My main reason for this blog is to find a pure, simple way of living and for you to accompany me on this journey, learning along the way.

Human Beings are beautifully made. We are creatures of great complexity, where mind, body, and spirit are intensely interconnected. I believe all aspects of one’s humanity working in synchrony leads to balance .

Many of us, when talking about balance, often focus solely on the obvious things in life such as our hectic lifestyles or constant stress that needs relief.

Many of us tend to live one or two dimensional lives in a three or four dimensional world, focussed only on the obvious things causing unbalance in our lives and in turn ignoring the rest. What we truly need is to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions in our lives.

Just as our body needs exercise and nutrition, so does our mind and spirit.

It is important to understand that we cannot gain full happiness when focussing on only the physical dimension of ourselves. Our body is essential but not the most essential. It is the vehicle that carries what is essential.

Human beings are highly intellectual. If we don’t develop our mind and gain knowledge through education our potential will be handicapped.

With such fast-paced lives we often don’t give ourselves as much time as we should to think or we find the world has such conveniences that it takes away our ability to think.

With constant bombardment from the media it is important to be selective of what type of media you let into your mind.

If we let too much garbage and negativity into our mind, our mind will be corrupted and produce more garbage and negativity. Remember: garbage in, garbage out!

We need to nourish and exercise our mind. To use it to learn, to grow, to think.

A healthy mind brings a healthy life.