May Your Dreams Come True


We are all together in this sea of life, all scrambling for air trying to make sense of the direction we are heading in. The moment we think we know where we are going, we look around to see how close we are, only to realize we are still out at sea.

Such a strange thing we call life. It can make you high on love and leave you out in the cold with the same breath of wind. Shall we just say there is never a dull moment, this life keeps us on our toes so, I applaud you if you are following your dreams. Never losing site of the shore.

I personally sometimes lose sight of my own dreams. Sometimes life just gets so busy and somewhat tiring at times that finding the energy to squeeze in time to do what you love can be hard.

Though maybe we just complicate things. We love doing that, its human nature.

So on this topic of complicating things and how it can really shift your focus on things you are meant to be doing, maybe we should just keep things a little more simple. Let’s take a look at all the successful and mesmerizing icons there are. Most of them did exactly what their passion drove them to do. Jimmy Hendricks could never have played so enchantingly and intense on his guitar if he did not love what he was doing. He followed his dreams no matter how often the wind tried to blow him in the opposite direction.

So I guess the moral of this story is that being out at sea doesn’t have to be so scary if you got your passion by your side. It will guide you to where you need to be. Just keep on doing what you love and all will eventually come to fruit.

When life feels like it is getting a little too much and pulling you into various directions, have no fear. Simply take a moment to breathe, catch some fresh air and keep on swimming towards your dreams.

Don’t let others force you down paths that are not yours. Always remember to ground yourself to what is your true purpose in this precious life we live.

One love.



Wild Woman Pick Up That Heart

and then she decided

My heart pours.

Oh life, oh restlessness.

To love is brave ;

For oh! How it can break.

We give,

We take.

We smile,

And yes, we cry too.

I smile in wonder of such a love,

I crumble thinking of having a new road to take.

Oh dear heart;

How do we stop this over-flowing?

How do I put the bottle cap on and shut you off?

Even if just for a little bit.

Let me feel that sun again,

Let me touch his skin,

Kiss his neck.

Be brave, be brave.

All is where it is meant to be.

Keep your chin up high,

Wipe those tears from the eyes.

Let’s go, go back in,

Into where the soul prevails.

Where the firs burns.

Let it burn, burn, burn.

Never let that fire die.

Be still child, have faith.

That Tingling Sensation

11-Adorable-Animals-Doing-Yoga-Poses“Opening up to feel again, to fall in love with the world with fresh eyes” – I love this feeling, what a tingling sensation of bliss.

Now, I know we should love every minute of our life. Always “be” in the present moment but this for me, and most probably many of you, is not always the case.

When this happens, I like to de-clutter all that is around me and then de-clutter my mind. I start by putting on some really good “soul” music and then role out my mat to begin working out what no longer serves me and replace it with pure, simple love.

Once I reach that place of peace, the lotus pose then takes hold.
It is at this moment my eyes rest shut, meditating. I give thanks and re-open my eyes.

Again, what a tingling sensation of bliss. This life is a blessing and we are here to learn all aspects of this precious life.

I know at times things can get tough nut it shall eventually pass because life is forever changing and evolving so we should learn to master this better too. As is commonly said in yoga; “I bend so that I don’t’ break”.

Now remember when that tingling feeling stops, take a quick time-out and do what works best for you to embrace life again but do not carry on trudging through with a bad outlook. Simply stop, regather, give thanks and move through with a positive outlook instead. You will find far better answers this way, I promise.

Always love, Namaste.

Reasons To Love Your A.M Exercise

FotorCreatedExercise is a vital part of one’s life and if it is not then I am sorry to say but you need to re-look at how you expect your body to function at its optimal level when all you are doing is helping it deteriorate. I want us all to create a better relationship with our bodies.

Exercising is not just about looking good or feelin
g good but it is about keeping your body healthy. Keeping it supple and keeping that muscle mass to protect bones and aging. If we do not take care of our bodies then who will? We need to understand our bodies and take the utmost care of this vessel that keeps you alive and capable of doing amazing things.

So to start, I thought I would leave you with a few reasons to consider doing exercise in the morning and how it can help you put your best foot forward.

  1. Become A Better Morning person – happier and will help you wake up

When you do your morning exercise, endorphins are released which as we know leaves us feeling really good. For those who struggle getting up in the morning, if you stick to s regular morning exercise routine and stick to those times then your body will become accustomed to this lifestyle and will naturally start preparing for you to wake up at those times making it easier to get up……

  1. Put Those Hormones To Better Use

Our crucial hormones are elevated first thing in the morning and as the day goes on these hormone levels start to decline. So, it makes sense to use those important hormones such as Testosterone early in the morning when it is at its peak level meaning your get a far more effective workout.

  1. Gym Bunnies Don’t Have To Share

Going to gym at peak hours after work is not always that fun. For those that take their exercise routine very seriously then this can cause some serious interference when you can’t use a certain dumbbell or machine because there is a queue and you don’t have all day let’s be honest. So it makes sense to do this in the morning when it is quiet enough for you to do what you need to do without interference.

  1. Allow Time For Other Priorities

Because you did your exercise nice ‘n early and have the whole afternoon to do whatever else you need to do. Morning exercise will give you at least an hour or two extra in the afternoon to do whatever else is needed.

  1. Better Functioning at Work or School

Exercising helps us with becoming more alert and focused. Overall better functioning meaning that by the time you get to work you are alert and ready to kick ass at your job or at school.

  1. Less Likely To Skip

We all know that come 4pm your energy levels start to take a dip. If you have had a demanding day the chances are that you are more likely to skip that gym session and go straight for dinner on the couch but when you go first thing in the morning your energy levels and functioning is at its best and it should become a morning ritual meaning that you are less likely to skip gym in the mornings.

  1. Increase Your Metabolic Functioning

It is known that exercise in the morning will help boost your metabolic functioning. If you do weight training/ resistance training this will cause your metabolic rate to improve throughout the course of the day.

Never Lose Sight of Who You Are

buddhaNever Lose Sight of Who You Are

2016, what an interesting time for human civilisation. Nowadays we celebrate uniqueness, we embrace the hippies, the hipsters, the nerds, and even the narcissist. I love the freedom but with it one can still feel a little over-whelmed. There is almost too much variety which can leave one a little baffled by their own uniqueness and where or how they fit in.

If you are like me and you feel just so utterly confused at times as to who you are and how you are unique in this vast world well at least you’re not alone and you’re not weird. Maybe just a little bit, but that’s normal now right? Because at the end of the day we are all somewhat strange. We are such complex beings and feeling a bit lost is normal. Perfectly normal. Doesn’t matter the age.

You see we live such fast-paced lifestyles with competition around every corner and to feel like you are in control all the time is very hard and this may be why we tend to lose sight of our true selves. We allow for others to push us around, tell us how we have to always be better, up our game, stand out from the rest and this can lead one astray

It can make us do things that are out of character and make us pretend to be what we are not and the best advice I can give to simply feel the ground again.

Go for that walk on the beach or in the park. Feel nature, not man-made material. Feel fresh air, not Air-con.  Feel your body and fall in love with it. Take time to simply be each day and appreciate. Be humble and less hasty. These simple tricks to slowing down will allow your brain to re-connect and your soul to explore life’s simple things again. I find that always brings me back home to myself and that which is true to me.

I hope this may help you too stay grounded when in need but I do encourage one to try make it a habitual daily practice. Even if for only a few minutes.

May your light shine pure radiance and your soul fall in love with life again.


Humbleness in A World Of Which You Know Nothing

humble article

“Learning something means coming into contact with a world of which you know nothing. In order to learn, you must be humble.” Brida – Paulo Coelho

Going back to the first sentence of this quote; A world of which you know nothing, In my understanding, the unknown world would be our very future and if that is so then it should be of importance for us to find humbleness in living.

This quote by Paulo Coehlo has touched me deeply. I, like many, forget this way of being humble and often act as though I know everything and have control over it all but this is so far from the truth. We don’t know what is to come and pretending as though I know it all will eventually be my own downfall and the same for those alike.

This statement by the talented Paulo is something I think we should all practice to master. There is something very beautiful and calming about meeting a humble person. It is a very good quality to have. When one is humble and at peace with not knowing but simply learning as we go, life becomes a lot easier to cope with. If your ego gets in the way, you will not learn your lesson. If you are humble, you will learn much with an open heart and a type of willingness. For, you see, learning is what makes us better people, the ego makes us shallow.

I no longer want to be blind to lessons my heart refuses to see, I now open up my heart to the breath-taking  unknown moments to come and promise to take them in with much humbleness and peace in order to learn and take in the present moment with more clarity and less ego.

May the humble beginnings begin.


“These are the few ways we can practice humility:

To speak as little as possible of one’s self.

To mind one’s own business.

Not to want to manage other people’s affairs.

To avoid curiosity.

To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.

To pass over the mistakes of others.

To accept insults and injuries.

To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.

To be kind and gentle even under provocation.

Never to stand on one’s dignity.

To choose always the hardest.”
― Mother TeresaThe Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

The Art of Living In the Present Moment

the art of being present -m blog

There is something so beautiful about truly feeling the present moment one is in.

To embrace all those various elements as they pass by through our daily lives can leave one feeling as if life is truly majestic.

We often get so caught up in our heads that we do not allow our minds to simply be and enjoy the very life that is present in us all. We need to stop fearing the negative. Think of how yin and yang work together in harmony creating balance and flow.

I myself can, too, get caught up in every day stresses and fears but as I sit here outside on my porch under the early morning sun, I am reminded of how precious life is and how important it is to embrace the very present we are in. I find myself sitting here so inlove with the morning sun warming my skin from the winter chill. I see the sun lighting up the mist on the hills and this, I find inspiring. I am reminded of how breath-taking life can be and not to let these simple but precious moments of feeling this present life slip by into thoughts that bring no joy and steal this present moment trying to think of a future that neither I nor anyone else actually have control over.

Though, if one is truly in the present then perhaps it could lead us to a very fruitful, fulfilling life that is true to one’s nature and this itself should bring peace about the future, enough not to worry.

You see when you are in the present you are aware of all surrounding elements and this awareness, if embraced positively, will allow one to respond to all circumstances in the best possible way without worry for your head is now clear and focussed on each moment as it comes.

Try it now, feel your breathing. Is it fast or maybe slow? What are your surroundings? What inspires you about your present environment? Is it the warmth? Or simply the music around you. Is there a hustle-and-bustle that you are in the middle of? Maybe it is the silence that is so peaceful and still. Whatever it is simply practise embracing it all. Each and every element of the present moment.

Om shanti shanti om